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Same Ingredients, Same Price, New Look

Same Ingredients, Same Price, New Look

We are happy to announce our new and improved look! We would like to highlight some of the key changes that we made and why.

- Let’s talk kraft.                                                                                                       The cutout allows you to still see and smell our soap but protects from damage or contamination. Our soap boxes are made of a high quality, durable paper board that will not easily rip, tear, or bend. most importantly this soap box is made of 100% reclaimed fiber, of which 35% is post-consumer recycled so 100% recyclable is an awesome thing.

- Stamp it!                                                                                                                This packaging has 3 stamps on it, giving it a sleek, rustic look. We incorporated our large logo leaf stamp on the back and our ingredients stamped on the side. The third stamp we will let you find yourself, we're sure you'll enjoy it.   

-Its what’s inside the box that matters.                                                               Don’t worry same soap! After hearing how much our soap is loved we didn’t want to change much, though we did decide that you guys deserve some color and unique designs. some of our soap will now contain mica. Don’t be alarmed it’s okay! Our Micas are considered nature identical, meaning they are the exact same chemical structure as the platelet minerals found in the earth. They are, however, created in a lab so they are not 100% natural but for good reason. Processing in a lab keeps the bad stuff, like lead for example, out of the colorants. Because they do not contain synthetic dyes, micas are labeled as natural in all types of mineral makeup and kits industry wide. 

-Impressions last.                                                                                              Oops we got a little fancy. After making all these changes we decided that an imprint would seal the deal. So that’s what we did. We decided to keep one side of our soaps with the original wavy texture and the other side with a smooth straight slice, allowing us to smack our large logo right in the middle. This way once you see that logo start to fade you know its time to get more.

We hope you like all the changes we made and would love to hear your feedback!