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Deodorant Spray - Bathroom **While Supplies Last!**

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Don't use sprays that just cover up bad odor or harm the environment and your pets! Use this all natural spray that uses all natural ingredients that safe for you and your pets!!

Ultra Concentrated!!  ALL NATURAL

Don't be afraid to use the bathroom anymore!! A few (2-3) sprays on the water before you use the bathroom and (optional) a few sprays in the air when you are done and no one will ever know :)

Ingredients:  Distilled water, odor neutralizer (zinc ricinolate), daikon seed oil, fragrance, optiphen ND

Vegan Friendly

Zinc ricinolate is a safe natural product from the castor bean plant

Daikon seed oil: simulates silicone by encapsulating bad odor

Optiphen ND is a natural preservative